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Heiko Blümler
ACC Maintenance
ACC Maintenance
ACC Maintenance

Heiko Blümler, Maintenance Manager
Telefon: +49 (0)6073 723 59 17


To be as good as new is our standard

To keep the high standards of the showpiece - the cabin - we are by your side in every single step. From our special storage up to expert cleaning and professional leather refurbishment to careful repair of the seats. That way we can guarantee the ACC chain of quality.


Our two workshops have 20 workplaces filled with trained mechanics. ACC´s qualified employees have been trained for years and are specialized in aircraft seating. Every staff member has performed the exams according to Part 145 rules. We developed our lifting platforms especially for aircraft seats. Along with our precisely chosen and daily inspected tools we guarantee best standards.


Every single seat is scanned with part and serial number to identify origin and type. Shipsets are scanned, stored and saved with date and storage place in our system. Our administration has continuous overview of storage place, condition and status of every single seat in our system.


First the pre-cleaning is made to inspect the condition of seats and clean the frames. By all means we work with environmentally friendly cleansing agents. We pre-clean the seats in order to ease the maintenance work.


When the seat plastic parts have slight damages, which do not require replacement, they are repaired according to a certified procedure with special resin. Afterwards the parts are sanded and lacquered. The repair instructions come directly from the manufacturer or a partner company to Part 21 J rule.

Leather covers cost double the price of the fabric ones but endure four times longer. To clean them we work with high standards and the members of staff have years of long experience. Every single seat is treated by hand. Leather is ideal for refurbishing and even heavy soiling can be disposed with special cleansing agents and techniques. ACC attaches importance to environmentally friendly products. Therefore we only use cleansing agents soluble in water.

After that step the leather is clean and ready to be painted with primary coat, paintwork and sealed with special varnish to prevent the seats from wear and tear. The seats look fresh with new look for a long time.

Last step is drying and controlling mistakes to guarantee our chain of quality.

On customer’s demand we can produce new dress cover designs with high quality material to meet air traffic standards.


The warehouse for aircraft seats comprises 20.000 square meters, 60.000 PAX can be stored in dry and ventilated conditions.

We deliver and store the seats in boxes to prevent them from dirt and dust.